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Sean Jones

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I attended the advanced pistol 2 course. Marshall and Billy are phenomenal trainers. Best in the world. Some of the drills were definitely something I have never done before and out of my comfort zone but they never gave up on me and helped me become harder to kill. I will be back for a level one course and a carbine course. Marshall is so dedicated and funny as balls. Billy the same. In fact billy really took me under his wing and showed me the mistakes I was making and they were then fixed. Great academy can’t say enough about these guys. Also my classmates will now be my sheepdog friends for life. Thank u for giving me the opportunity to take this. It really is special.
Ryan Mathias

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I attended the Advanced Combat Pistol 2 course this weekend, and I can't say enough good things about the curriculum, or the instructors. Marshall Luton and Billy Smith are top tier shooters, and outstanding instructors. The collective knowledge possessed by them is staggering, and they truly care enough about the students, that their passion shows through. The atmosphere is light and fun, even when the weight of the subject matter is life and death. I served 4 years in the Marine Corps infantry, and was a civilian law enforcement officer for many years, thereafter. None of the "training" that I received in those things, regarding shooting skill, was even in the same time zone as what TDSA gave me in one weekend.
I have a grand total of 28 hours of instruction under Marshall Luton now, and I'm 1000% the shooter that I was prior to him teaching me. 28 hours compared to years of combined military/law enforcement experience...

Do yourself, and your family a favor; Register for ACP level 1. Then do ACP level 2. Then do ACP level 3...then do carbine and shotgun. If they offered a course in bommeranf tossing, or quilt weaving, I'd take them and strongly urge you to do the same. No joke.

Go learn how to master your booger hook, the bang switch, 80/20, to use the fastest part of your body, how being on your back isn't a bad thing, how to manage your chewy and licky time, how to make your vehicle work for you (for a change), learn how bone stacking makes the difference between living and dying, find out how many WTF moments you need to force into the equation, make awesome new friends, and most importantly of all...go have a crap load of "Ah-ha!" moments. You won't regret it.
Michelle W.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I was so honored to attend the Advanced Combat Pistol Level 2 this past weekend with TDSA. My first training with TDSA was back in April of 2013 when I made the decision to take API to become a better shooter. Marshall and his instructors not only made me a better shooter(42% improvement) but, helped me become a confident gun owner!

If you carry a gun and you never had any training other than going to the range for some “Lead Therapy” occasionally, you are setting yourself up to become a statistic! I hear so many people say, “I dont have that kind of money for training.” REALLY??? How do you put a price on your life or your loved one’s life? The world is a dangerous place! Stop thinking it will never happen to you!

Signing up for these types of classes can be intimidating if you are a new shooter or maybe you think you’re going to be embarrassed. Trust me, I’m 5’ 1.5” tall and 115lb female. I never imagined I would be at the level I am today! I promise you, the instructors are VERY welcoming and you will kick yourself for not taking their classes sooner! I will continue to take API every year to maintain my skills I have learned from TDSA.

THANK YOU Marshall and Billy for the most amazing training weekend!

Amy Cavett

Monday, September 17, 2018

I attended the Ladies Intro to Pistol class on Sat Sept 15. Marshall opened the class in a classroom setting. We talked through several situations – the “What if?”. It is so important to discuss what you might do in a situation rather than to have to think on your feet when a situation is placed in your lap. Marshall encouraged us to use our most valuable tool – our brain – in EVERY situation. If your intuition tells you that something is wrong, it is perfectly fine to retreat and rethink.

We talked through the reasons that people are attacked. We talked through how to manage unknown contacts. We talked through how to diffuse a situation. It is important to understand each case to ensure that you remain situationally aware and able to confidently and calmly react if a situation arises. Lastly, we talked about what to look for in pre-assault indicators. Once again, it is important to always be monitoring your environment to ensure that you pick up on the queues to avoid a confrontation.

All this information was extremely informative with the goal of avoiding a confrontation that leads you to draw your firearm. However, we can’t stop there because we MUST be prepared to be the “Sheep Dog”. I am a doer and I want to be prepared to protect those around me if I find myself in a situation that calls for action.

At this point, while still in the classroom, we reviewed the components of a semi-automatic pistol and a revolver. We talked at length about safety. We discussed how to safely load and unload the pistol and we talked about the fundamentals of marksmanship. Now, we were ready to go to the range. But, wait…one more thing…

Marshall lined us up with an opportunity to dryfire with the CoolFire training system. This allowed us to begin dry firing and still feel the sensation of the recoil. We could use the techniques that we just learned while still in the less stressful environment of the classroom! The trainers were able to assist us with the fundamentals of marksmanship before heading to the heat on the range!!!!

Once on the range, we were once again briefed on safety. It is very clear that Marshall means business when it comes to safety. Everyone knew the rules and followed the guidelines to ensure a safe and fun day. We were afforded the opportunity to shoot a variety of pistols. I took the opportunity to shoot a few but ultimately tried to spend most of my time getting proficient with my pistol. The trainers were constantly walking up and down the line to provide support, coaching and encouragement to each of the students.

As the day was ending, Marshall pulled out a couple of long guns that he gave us the opportunity to shoot! It was a cool treat to be able to shoot his AR-15!!!! Wow, the trigger on that rifle was amazing!!!!

In summary, this course was extremely valuable and informative. Marshall kept the lecture engaging. The material was presented in a way that allowed everyone to grasp the concepts and he was able to answer any questions that came up along the way. There is no substitute for training. To be a Sheep Dog, you must be trained!!!! I highly recommend this course and I look forward to future days on the range and additional courses to continue my training.

Monday, September 17, 2018

This is my 2nd time taking the Intro to Firearms class. Each time I’ve taken this class, I’ve walked away feeling more confident handling my firearm. The time and effort that Marshall puts into teaching is immeasurable. He is very patient with us too. All of the instructors at TDSA are fabulous!! Taking classes here and learning from the best is WOTH EVERY DOLLAR!! Thank you.

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